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Loyalty Services

Increase customer engagement, loyalty and revenue with global experience and proven expertise.


Loyalty is a journey. It starts before a consumer becomes a customer and continues throughout a brand relationship.

Here at Collinson Group, we regard every interaction as an opportunity to increase customer value; by engaging customers and fostering meaningful relationships to keep them coming back and becoming advocates.

Driven by data, insight and customer understanding, we are passionate about driving customer engagement, loyalty and incremental revenue.



ICLP is a worldwide leader in loyalty marketing and customer relationship management. With over 25 years' experience, we work with leading brands in multiple industry sectors across the world to help create loyal and profitable customer relationships.

We understand what it takes to motivate and change customer behaviour to increase loyalty throughout the brand experience. We use this insight along with our breadth and depth of B2C and B2B loyalty expertise, to create customer and commercial value.

Our independence and truly customer-centric approach ensures we always develop the right engagement strategies to help our clients acquire, retain and manage their customers.

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Collinson Latitude

Collinson Latitude drives customer engagement and increased revenue per customer through innovative reward and incremental revenue programmes.

We combine the latest technology, content and communications to achieve enhanced value, engagement and increased conversion. 

It's a client-centric approach, one that creates commercial models aligned to every programme objective matched with tailored, on-brand, proactive communications. Whether it's points promotions, targeted discounts or special offers, our clients choose us to deliver the right revenue strategy, every time.

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Welcome Real Time

Welcome Real Time helps clients transform point of sale transactions into a rich customer experience driving loyalty and increasing revenues.

Our award winning technology enables the delivery of relevant communications and promotions to consumers at point of payment and beyond. Clients currently use this technology to serve 100 million consumers via 1 million merchants in over 1 million daily transactions.

The ability to integrate into point of sale enables both earning and redemption opportunities with everyday spending. This drives engagement from customers and increased value for loyalty programmes. It also facilitates the capture of insight at the moment of transaction and the ability to directly impact a change in buying behaviour.

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Loyalty Products

Some of our specialist loyalty products and membership platforms include:


iRedeem is our online platform that allows customers to redeem their loyalty currency and points balances for a diverse range of desirable rewards beyond those directly offered by our clients.  

This has been proven to add value to a loyalty programme by increasing engagement and redemption, which in turn drives increase spend back into the programme. It comes fully supported by our global merchant catalogue and our team of e-commerce experts.

iRedeem is today successfully being used by some of the world's largest frequent flyer programmes.


RewardAll is a retailer-funded shopping portal that rewards customers with points or cashback for online purchases. With access to a global network of retailers, RewardAll extends customer interaction beyond a core offering whilst maximising engagement and increasing incremental revenue.

RewardAll is delivering revenue and engagement to over 25 clients today from across the globe including major airlines, hotels and banks.


This is our online membership management platform designed to support revenue growth. BenefitsPlus equips businesses with the power to offer subscription packages of added-value benefits.

With built-in flexibility to configure packages to match customer needs for choice and control, it's a sound strategy for achieving business objectives and increasing revenue generation.