Collinson Group

Cross Group Capabilities

Expertise leveraged across our business to deliver leading products and services to our clients.

Cross group capabilities

Complementing our four core capabilities, is our expertise in partnerships, technology and product innovation, data and customer service. These competencies are leveraged across all of our companies and have proved fundamental to our ability to deliver market-leading products and services both to our own customers and those of our clients. 

Data, insight, and instinct continue to guide our investment strategy in new technology and product development. The result is an impressive showcase of advanced proprietary platforms, products and technology solutions creating unique intellectual property. 

We also have a global network of managed partners and contact centres around the world providing exceptional levels of support and customer service in multiple languages for our products, services and client programmes.



We have a built a successful network of thousands of global, regional and local partners across the world to help clients acquire, reward and retain their customers whilst building brand engagement. 

We develop bespoke tailored partnership solutions that are based on the needs of our clients whether the desire is for short term, tactical promotions or long term partners who can provide added value content and benefits for a particular proposition.  Whatever the objectives, we identify a portfolio of partners that complements the brand, matches customer needs and considers the social, cultural and commercial challenges of the region in which it will be implemented.

Our experience and unique heritage working with partners in travel, finance, dining, retail, media, lifestyle and telecoms enables us to deliver against successful partnerships for our clients. We build long standing relationships with partners and connect them to our clients to provide compelling benefits, content and offers.  These are integrated into their customer value propositions and can be included within loyalty and reward programmes to encourage increased engagement.


Service Centres

Our service centres deliver unrivalled standards in call centre and customer management services from strategically located, multilingual service centres available 24-7. Our reputation for client and customer satisfaction is unparalleled. By focusing on what the customer wants, we have consistently exceeded expectations in delivering superior levels of insight, loyalty and incremental revenue. Recognising that every interaction matters and that every customer is different, we provide customers with the personalised service and tailored support they deserve.

We appreciate that service is a core part of the customer experience and we can provide an integrated, multi-channel model allowing customers to interact and communicate in their preferred manner whether by voice, e-mail, chat or social media from our multilingual service centres. Our skilled and experienced customer service teams provide a range of multi-channel customer management services including sales, customer care and support, loyalty programme member support, servicing and administration and claims management.



We believe that technology is core to improving the businesses of our clients and the lives of their customers. Our integrated approach across our four areas of capability: loyalty, insurance, lifestyle benefits and assistance provides a unique point of differentiation.

Our IT capabilities fulfil the changing needs of the global business landscape. Talk to us about our technology research and proof of concept work. We develop complex, enterprise scale platforms and make it our business to provide infrastructure hosting and support services to a client portfolio that reaches around the world.

We harness the latest technology innovations and our range of technology stacks includes PHP, Magento, .Net, JavaScript, Native Mobile - Objective C and Java. We use the latest methodologies and work based on an ethos that is agile and lean.

We have talented teams of developers and experienced technical professionals, all empowered with the tools to deliver the toughest of technology challenges, to continually innovate and support the needs of our group and clients. 



With our own customers and those of our clients, we reach over 20 million predominantly mass affluent, frequent travellers. We have an unrivalled understanding of this demographic which demands a tenacious and skilled approach to collating and interrogating data. We use data analytics to understand customer behaviour and generate actionable insights to help develop greater customer intimacy and enhanced business performance for our clients.

We understand the power of analytics to configure dynamic and real-time responses to customer actions. Our teams of data specialists use a range of techniques such as profiling, predictive modelling and RFV (recency, frequency, value) analysis combined with market-leading software, business intelligence tools and lifestyle data, to deliver findings that are actionable, understandable and visualised. 

Data is at the heart of everything we do across the group, from increasing customer understanding to improving engagement and loyalty to determining the claims and renewal rates of our insurance policies. It informs the development of new assistance services and the enhancement of existing lifestyle benefits and products.  Our data expertise enables clients to test hypotheses and uncover new insights to influence customers and generate incremental revenue.